Thursday Night Lights

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Douglas Middle School Bearcats (8th grade) v. Glenrock Middle School Herders (Glenrock = town of 2,500 just west of Douglas). Go BEARCATS! Sadly we bowed to the Herders 12-8 (you always Go for Two around these parts). Fortunately, no one was at the game (as you can tell) to see the loss.

Last Friday the Douglas varsity team went down swinging to the Glenrock high school squad 27-14. If you're interested, the Herders whole game plan is to hand-off to one of three RBs and try to punch a hole. Somewhere. Anywhere. And march down field. The Herders had about 30 passing yds (of about 250+) against Douglas last week. And they won handily. You do whatcha can to win in smalltown America it seems, one-dimensional offense or no.

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  • thomas said...'> 11:32 PM

    Nice pic.

  • keely steger said...'> 8:09 AM

    wow. a crowd that miniscule and you're still in the super-cheap seats, huh?