Into the Wild Blue Yonder

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On the coattails of Labor Day weekend's quality time with mis amigos, I was hard pressed for something fractionally as stimulating on the menu this past weekend. So, I made some calls and invited myself over to my cousins' for the weekend (a key new-place survival skill: have no shame about needing/forcing friends and social interactions. and don't worry, if it doesn't come naturally, you can get better at it. people pick up on your desperation rather quickly...)

So there I was on Friday afternoon, shoving a few changes of clean underpants in a bag, scooping up my riding shoes and loading my two-wheel friend into the car for the cruise south to Colorado Springs. Now, four hours in the car by yourself can be pretty brutal in some places of our American nation (cough* Kansas!! *cough), but cruising down the front range through Denver to the Springs is a little like a Southern Comfort nightcap (smooth, refreshing but with a little stank on it too). So, a few mix CDs and sunflower seeds later and I hit the city limits like a station-wagon load of Huns.

My cousins had to work all day Saturday, so I did what any two-wheel enthusiast would do and made the nearby Air Force Academy campus my playground for the afternoon (though unfortunately I forgot the sunscreen behind. Eeyouch...)

So, I did a perdy good, approx. 30 mile ride over a few hours out there in the fortitude-sucking 6,500 feet elevation paddock of Air Force folklore. And I'll say when you're on a ride by yourself, it can get a little boring/lonely. So, I decided self-portraits were just the remedy. The spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down, M. Popps style.

Thus, I give you some self-portraits, courtesy the U.S. Air Force and my 10 second self-timer function (i want to chest-bump whoever invented this function).

Starting out. Somewhat hydrated. Not so sunburned yet.

Falcon stadium, though I can't cheer for them or my bro-in-law, TCU fanatic would think ill of my Mountain West honour.

Front range views.

Baldy Peak in the distance, I think.

very nice...but wishing i had more water...

Soccer field shot. Amazing grass. Go Chair Force!

Dorking about.

I didn't crash, just needed something else in the foreground.

Falcon, scratch his eyes out...


"Prey" (def my fav of the series. haha. if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?)

50,000 cool points if you can identify this plane.

Then I ate some of these gems. Been eating A LOT of these bad boys lately, actually. What's the deal with working in an office and immediately getting bad candy eating habits? I blame the man...

The end, for now. More shots of biking and the cousins on the way...

3 Responses to 'Into the Wild Blue Yonder'

  • Mikki said...'> 7:43 AM

    30 miles must have made the chub just melt right off. Don't give in. Losing weight isn't as great as everyone claims...M&M' THOSE make everyone happy.

  • Clint said...'> 9:14 AM

    I believe that is an A-10 ("Tank Killer")

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 8:15 AM

    Now, that's what is missing! Peanuts M's. No wonder I've been despondent.

    I love the eagle picture. You have got to be in the Top 10 of America's Funniest People.

    The Whites would love to chase down some antelope. We even have a tent in our trunk!