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I've always been one for animals. Not sure why. They are just uniquely enjoyable. As I've been here, I've found myself in contact with a host of new varieties, or at least getting more intimately acquainted with long-known types. So, this brings me to today's emphasis: goats.

So I'll simply say that I want some. I mean, not really of course, but in the teenage-girl-who-wants-a-pony-sense (no offense, teenage gals). But still, a few little billies hoofing around the back yard, munching on Grammy's azaleas while bleating contentedly would be quite enchanting, I think. Yibble.

They will eat...


The right spot.

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  • Daughter of Eve said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/09/yiiiible.html?showComment=1221878700000#c9026381513852920877'> 9:45 PM

    The top one's face looks like my Boots. Boots. My precious goat who died of lung cancer....I suspect she was smoking behind the barn. Sinister.

    I don't know what to make of the biblical tie between goats and pagans. I love goats.

  • Anonymous said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/09/yiiiible.html?showComment=1221970740000#c1262252537791126814'> 11:19 PM

    Aww... That's one happy goat...