A home where the ANTELOPE roam


(In-town grazing. These dudes are everywhere. That's I-25 in the background)

If you were to visit here even briefly, you'd notice the abundance of antlered animal kingdom specimens trotting around within city limits. So it's no surprise to locals to see these fools grazing idly across the street when walking out of the supermarket. Or while out for an evening neighborhood stroll to find a mammoth buck grazing placidly in the neighbor's lawn. *yawn* Yep, there's ol' Bambi Senior...

And the antelope are especially numerous it seems. I've heard they taste like poo, and yet every Tom, Dick and Harry has got one mounted in his house. Many of which were shot in the front yard. Davy Crockett style. Nice.

But then I also do the police report every week for the paper. You know: "Joe Blow was arrested for DUI and being a loser." That kind of B.S...

However, there are always several reports of police officers responding to injured animals too. And who's at the top of the injured animal list? The antelope. And what do police most often report when finding these injured antelope in city limits? Arrows sticking out of their bodies. Yes, that's correct. Arrows.

So, if you should happen to visit Wyoming with your pet antelope, I'd keep a close eye on Fluffy. Even in town. This ain't no petting zoo, people. Keep a short leash. And watch for the arrows.

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    Injun trouble?