Feeling the Love

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As promised, a sampling of the Labor Day weekend photographic bounty, wherein a Thoroughly Enjoyable Contingent (TEC or simply "posse") didst venture all the flipping way to Wyoming from Stately Norman, Okla., to visit a wide-eyed, getting-his-feet-wet-with-a-real-job city boy like me. Wow. That's just pretty awesome, no matter what side of the tracks you're from. Great amigos...how can you top that? Please, tell me. Needless to say I was (am) feeling the love.

So let us get on with our adventures. We went camping...

Name brand nylon lodgings. Tent Set-up 1113 in action, Molly officiating (Note Dan's rumpled undergarments rippling in the wind, still fully exposed after a smacking wedgie performed by the adolescent-like cameraman).

The bodacious campsite. It had it all - mountains, streams, a pond, trees, stars. (no man-eating bears - though admittedly i got a good bit concerned when the sun went down. this is bear country after all. sweet fancy moses!)

Flashlight experiments.

Sooo many stars! Wyoming is good for that.

Breakfast on the Coleman stove. Is there a better way, honestly?

Molls washes down a pre-breakfast Double-Stuf Oreo with style. Don't tell our moms we spoiled our breakfast on cookies.

Backrub w/random toilet paper cameo.

Natural beauty.

"Pensive." Or..."Recovering-from-tent-sleep-cholesterol-b-fast-overload-AM-hike-fatigue"

A shrubbery! w/stream.

Hmm. So innocent looking, that mystery fried food there...
In the end I have to say Rocky Mountain Oysters are quite palatable. Christina thought so too...

Power Pose.

Impromptu shoot.

Wouldn't you know it. Milt was on his way to Yellowstone and met up with us just when we were getting our cameras out. His timing is impeccable.

I'm afraid Milt is getting a little edgy these days. I apologize for his behavior, but he won't be thwarted.

AH IT'S SO FUN ANd...then we swing so much that we get sick and want to puke and die...


...until more peeps come to visit...

2 Responses to 'Feeling the Love'

  • Molly said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/09/feeling-love.html?showComment=1220883660000#c7459531950528375734'> 9:21 AM

    Hehe You put Dan's manties on the internet!

  • Daughter of Eve said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2008/09/feeling-love.html?showComment=1220925360000#c8866214872937637151'> 8:56 PM

    I think the Wyoming red rocks bring out new and exciting colors in Milt! I never knew his coat could look so...so...wild. No wonder he's feeling edgy these days.