Mammy, get my snowshovel...

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The mid-50s delight of yesterweek gave way to zero degree frigid snow massings this weekend. I figure if it's cold it might as well snow, and since I live a block from work and drive a whopping 20 miles per week (depending on traffic), getting around town is mostly a non-issue even with the arctic dump.

Perhaps there will be sledding this week. Plenty of snow-pack, with about two fresh feet. We'll see what the doctor orders in terms of work deadlines. Looks to be a rather hectic week(s) on the horizon. Vacation time is usually dreaded by those not taking it when you work in a three-man newsroom. All hands on deck, Mammy. Just after you get my snow shovel.

Happy winter, people.

Cold, sad poopis, confined to the back while the fam sleds. This has to be agonizing in the dog world.

Is there any hope, lil' Buddy?

So much sadness... (don't worry, i gave him a few pats post-pictures. dusted his head off and got the tail wagging again)

Front door shot.

Down the block.

2 Responses to 'Mammy, get my snowshovel...'

  • Clint said...'> 1:11 AM

    i'm trying to comprehend the width of the road in the last picture.

    "wide lanes... this is so luxurious."

  • Tami said...'> 9:23 PM

    How much snow is it?