Suspicious Powder

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Perhaps the news story of the year unfolded Wednesday night in the Jackalope City (that's where I live, and that's an official title). Pretty crazy anymore what kind of frenzy a "threatening note" accompanied with any type of white powder will create.

Hospital lockdown for four hours was the end result here. Standing outside in the cold this whole time amid the sundry cops, homeland security and FBI(!) peeps wasn't as enjoyable as you might think. Funny Uncle Sam doesn't recruit them for their sense of humor. :(

All told it was a pretty big Charlie Foxtrot. But no one got hurt and everyone went home with a story to tell their great grandkids about the suspicious and harmless white powder. The Great Hospital Lockdown of ot-Nine! Almost enough for a palpitation even now.

Go here for the whole story

BUT. You can't beat shots of hazmat dudes in their moon suits. Thus:

The big suit up. I guess these supermen just change into costume out in the open. Lame.

*Roger that, headquarters. The chicken is heading into the hen house, over*

Post sample retrieval and test. I guess they don't really care about the journalists getting too close to the "contaminated" suits. Typical...

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