Best Bike Advert of '08


don't normally post youtube clips on here but this ad has brought me significant enjoyment since i discovered it last fall. when it's cold outside and the two wheeler is mostly locked away for winter, this is all a bike enthuz has to go off. perhaps it'll make you happy too.

p.s. i want a fixed-gear/straight handlebar bike like the advert dude's. and riding in NYC would be pretty boss, too. sign me up, Betty...

2 Responses to 'Best Bike Advert of '08'

  • bammers said...'> 11:57 PM

    Biking in NYC was not the most nerve racking thing I have ever done in my life.

    But it was a close second...

    But maybe if I didn't have that cheap rental...


  • Anonymous said...'> 11:54 PM

    john for 4 bills you can get a tommaso fixe from randall scott cycles on line. I got one early this year and love it. matt f