At long last, a niece

Got a text message last night about 12:45 a.m. CST from my brother:

"water broke...about to have this rodeo."

Rodeo indeed. Thankfully the bull riding was relatively short lived, and little Julianne Bell Stuart (my mom's maiden name is Bell) landed about four hours later - my first niece of the lineup (though there's another niece in the gestatial works).

Julianne tipped the scales at 7 pounds with 20 inches to her name. Many a bass fisherman's prize she would've been in, well, fish form. Thankfully she's 100 percent baby. So they say. I've not given her the finger poke of authenticity yet (and sadly won't get to until June probably).

Anyways. Some pics from my bro, sleep deprived as he was.

Hot off the press!

Oldest bro Carson inspecting the newly arrived goods. Now middle child Joshy on the documentation crew. I think this is part of a method parents utilize for their kids when they have younger siblings (to help them cope with new baby). I wouldn't know. I was the youngest (and awesomest, obviously. i had three older sibs to take pictures of me! - but alas, i can't prove this statement).

Congrats, Bro and Sis-in-law!

3 Responses to 'At long last, a niece'

  • Hannah said...'> 8:41 PM

    Congratulations, John! Uncle times three, now. Soon to be Uncle Quad. Tell Aaron and Laura congrats and I wish them all the best!

  • keely steger said...'> 8:07 AM

    congrats, stuart clan! whatever will you do with girls? we have no experience in this family, so perhaps we can learn from you all...

  • Susanna said...'> 11:54 AM

    Ahh - congratulations Stuart clan! I love the picture of Carson & Joshy! Caron is clearly thinking something deep-and-meaningful about this life-changing event of the arrival of his new sister, whilst Joshy is clearly more excited by the camera! (I hope you have some photography lessons lined up for him?!)