The bait and switch

Figure A: "Dr. Jekyll"
My front yard on Saturday evening. Delightful. 70s temps, sprouts of green starting to show. Even my landlords' skunk trap (see right) has a kind of serene quality to it.

Figure B: "Mr. Hyde"
The arctic potion bottle was uncorked late Sunday night to reveal a beast of a wintry onslaught by Monday morning. The upside is that 10-15 inches of snow with CAT-5 (seemingly) winds means even the newspaper people get to go home early. And the ever-riveting bi-monthly city council meeting has been canceled for this evening. How will I possibly fill the entertainment void? it is then. and this one. an awesome read.

2 Responses to 'The bait and switch'

  • Mikki said...'> 7:51 PM

    Hulu yields Arrested Development = hours of my life, in bliss.

  • peachesandplums said...'> 4:07 PM

    ah hulu. welcome to my cultural dependence stations. also love: greatstufftv; yidio; projectfreetv and fastpasstv.