Big City Downtown

From time to time I make it over to Casper, about "fitty" miles west of where I live. It's the nearest "big" city 'round these parts, tipping the scales with a rousing 50,000 people, which ties with Cheyenne for the largest city in the state.

It's not huge, comparatively, but 10 times what I'm used to on a daily basis, so it's a sizable step up in humanity, to be certain. (by comparison, the student body of my iconic Univ. of Oklahoma represents a population some six times larger than where I live. a fun fact to store away for later, perhaps)

This week called me Casper-side for the all-state cheerleading competitions, in which our venerable girls team didst participate and win first place. And there was much rejoicing...

But more importantly, these intermittent big(ger) city ventures allow one to reflect on the finer things in life (which in my book doesn't include cheerleading, sorry).

But it's things like Chinese food, quality brewed coffees, and yes, PEOPLE - pedestrian or otherwise that get one set back on track. I find the remote smalltown outpost bereft of pedestrian activity (esp. in the winter months) to be somewhat draining. As a people watcher of old (as any photographer lends himself to be), a plethora of photo subjects does a body (and photo) good.

Thus friends, a few snaps from Casper, America.

Overlooking the city of Casper. Don't ask Casperites why it's not the state capital, as geography shows it certainly should be. Kind of a touchy subject. Dang those sneaky Cheyennites with their railroads...

A game face for all the marbles.

Howlathon target.


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  • Jenny said...'> 7:28 PM

    Ah, I spent many a summer there in my youth...but I was young enough I only remember little snippits like a picnic on Casper Mountain when we had homemade vanilla ice cream...