Country Roads

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Jerry Seinfeld once quipped a phrase that I've related to many times since being in Wyoming.

"Where does a park ranger go to 'get away from it all'," he joked.

When you live in the country already, a quick half-mile drive will get you even more definitively out of town. This winter, when the cabin fever demons have struck and the roads have been passable, I did some local sightseeing.

These were taken a few miles outside of Douglas on county roads. Pretty choice scenery, Mammy. Thankfully the ultra-sparse traffic makes in-motion shots even less hazardous.

Thus, Converse County on a crisp April day.


3 Responses to 'Country Roads'

  •'> 12:58 AM

    ...just stumbled across your blog. Your photos are gorgeous! Not much like that around L.A. :/

    Happy Blogging!

  • Willis said...'> 8:52 AM

    You sure picked a beautiful part of the country to live in this past year. I've loved all your pictures.

  • jules said...'> 11:57 AM

    You need to take up rock climbing, so you can go climb those buttes. :)