Ode to Spring (and Wolves)

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If you've spent most of your life in a temperate climate, the shock of a more extreme clime can remain one that doesn't quickly fade.

Thus has been this Okie's winter experience on the high, 4,800 ft. elevation plains of Wyoming these past months.

I apologize if these posts grab you as patently dud, but the weather is ALWAYS a topic of conversation in smalltown America, even for the saltiest of Wyo natives.

In other tidings, this week's headlines featured a big news story (broken by the venerable Douglas Budget, of course) about the first incidence of livestock being killed by wolves in the county since the earlier 1900s. The wolves were killed out in the '30s in Wyo but were reintroduced to the state some 400 miles from here in Yellowstone in the mid-90s. The Wolf honchos say there are about 300 wolves in the state now, with about 200 of the howlers living OUTSIDE the Park.

This is a very controversial issue as wolves are generally thought of as bad juju for the livestock livelihood and were killed off for a reason by the ranchers back in Tiggety-Two.

At any rate, I find it personally interesting that most of my adolescent life growing up in Oklahoma was spent in a moderate to strong fear, however irrational, of bears and big-toothed attack creatures. Obviously the Sooner State has none of these beasts, adding to the irrationality of my phobia all the more.

But the coincidence is not lost that now I've purposefully moved to a place where both BEARS and WOLVES reside, albeit in mostly minimal numbers.

I've got whole new volumes of content to bring up in my counseling sessions now, let me tell you. Where to start...

So, my two bits about wolves.

Also, I lied about it never snowing again, or rather the pundits did. We got another six inches last week.

Death and taxes, friends. Still life's only constants, especially in the month of April. Only the fool, I'm learning, builds his house upon the forecasting sands of the Wyoming springtime.

Here's to more snow, Mammy.

Last Friday morning on Fifth Street, headed to work.

My parking spot.


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  • Sam Negus said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2009/04/ode-to-spring-and-wolves.html?showComment=1241025780000#c6277891764183846268'> 12:23 PM

    Of all the stupid ideas hippy environmentalists idiots have ever come up with, the reintroduction of animals that kill us and our livestock into our living space has to rank amongst the worst.

    Sure, they're beautiful animals and we want to 'live in a state of balance wuth the world around us,' but wolves don't want that. They aren't for balance so much as killing and eating at will. That's why we killed them off in the first place. If they want to be at the top of the food chain they should of fought back harder.