Jerry's House panoramic

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As the Sooner gods would have it, I happened to be at the first ever college football game played in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. It was back in September. OU played BYU, in case you weren't following.

While I can't say it's thrilling to see your Heisman quarterback go down with a serious injury and your team lose by one point to Brigham Young, the stadium is nothing short of astounding. Thank you tax payers of Arlington, Texas. Good to see we're building $1.2 billion stadiums in a time of immense recession.

The screen is something like 80 yards across and seemingly HD quality. This is important as the "cheap" (relative term) seats are about 10,000 feet above the playing turf and include oxygen masks.

I think it seats about 75,000 peeps all told, which means 65,000 folks leave when OU is down 14-13 late in the fourth quarter with no sign of hope. Why again did we schedule BYU as the first game of the season?

Anyway, I'm over that. Here's a three pic panoramic of the Death Star that Mr. Jones built. It is a practical place of worship.

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