One big foot for mankind


There are those times in life when things just work out. Constellations align, the soothsayer's intestines spell fortune and you can feel yourself cresting the last rise of Goal Mountain's summit.

Which brings me to the point of bigfoot. I have a blithe obsession with the beast. And this weekend I will, perhaps, meet him (or her) face to furry face.

I find if you have your expectations set low enough in life, you can never really have a bad time. So when it comes to Oklahoma's Honobia Bigfoot Festival, I'll be moving on the event with an open mind and empty expectation satchel (though with a definite burning in the bosom).

And yes, friends, it's true. Cohort and budding bigfoot enthuz Heidi and I will converge on southeastern Oklahoma (you know, where the bigfeet live) for the two-day festival in honor of these elusive beasts. I first spotted this festival several years back after an OETA special. I was HOOKED.

So fare thee well, friends of the light. I go to be with the freak footed ape-men of the dark.

If you don't hear from us in a few days, send in the posse. And ensign...set phasers to KILL...


2 Responses to 'One big foot for mankind'

  • Hannah said...'> 9:35 PM

    Fare thee well, my friend. May your empty expectations be fulfilled.

  • Katie said...'> 9:32 AM

    One of my regrets is that I never went to the bigfoot festival while in OK