Technological bliss


Screen grab from a recent chat with my Singapore-based brethren. Skype is a wonderful thing.

Hoist up the Sloop John B

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Wyoming so owes us. We went sailing Saturday at Glendo Reservoir, about two hours north of Cheyenne. Beautiful place. Amigo Josh popped up from the Rawlins metro to be an integral part of the elite crew. Uncle Bob brought his 70s vessel up from Denver for what we hoped would be a brilliant sail about.

And it HAD been windy EVERY DAY in Wyoming since I got here last summer. So wouldn't you know it that the state would stiff us when we actually NEEDED the wind whilst literally going NOWHERE on the lake with our sails luffing and rudder pitifully amidships. I was hand paddling at one point. Oh, the shame.

Wyoming, why do you hate me? I thought we were on pretty good terms lately. Sure we've had our scraps. I mean I thought you were over my cursing your winter? Seriously. I even played Mahjong with your grandparents like you asked...

Then you pull this windless tomfoolry on Saturday. How am I supposed to take that?

And the very next day you blow so strong again? Sinister.

Should've just dumped me for my best friend and gotten it over with...

Why Wyoming, why...

The crew: Me, Hannah, Josh, Uncle Bob and Aunt Cheryl. We didn't really sail as much as we did float in place, but at least the conversation was worthwhile. Good times, crew, even if the Equality State didn't hold up its end of the bargain. Anybody know a good divorce lawyer?

On the road again

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Several snapshots of Texas v. Wyoming scenery. I realize this is filler blog material, but work with me people...we'll see about a whole-milk blog post after the paper deadline this week.
nobody likes the skim, in any type of situation...

I-25 in Wyoming, cruising south about 50 miles north of Cheyenne. One of the windiest corridors of the US. It's delightfully green for about 10 days of the year, before returning to a dusty brown for the remaining 355 days.

Lo, the much sought after Texas Hill Country, north of Fredericksburg. I could easily live here I decided (though in civilization, not the prairie). Nice people, laid-back lifestyle, lots of cycling. Though my brother says Texas' real contribution to society is, ahem, "high-quality" females...

I would say Texans are similar to Wyomingites in the distinct love for their respective states, though the "Texan Hubris" tends to skirt the cultish/freaky scale at times as we all know. Cool it, Bevo-ites. Wyoming does.

Go Team Astana!

Secret Agent T-bone

A few teasers leading to a more complete blog post about my army banding experience in Tejas in June. This'll do for now. Whistle whetted?...check.

Brass quintet at Fredericksburg, Texas park. I think we were playing Washington Post march right about then...

Terrorbones (one of the most ruthless and powerful of all the dinosaurs) performing at same venue. The house was literally brought down. Holla. No animals were harmed...

And a chillaxing shot, for good measure. At Sea World, just about to go over the "big hill." Short bus MVPs fo sho.

Sister Dinah had her babe this morn in OKC. Landed a good'n from the looks of it, tipping the scales at 7 lbs. 8 oz. I think she's a keeper, Mammy! She's now my second niece in the lineup. Woot woot! Mom and baby are doing well (I think I'm pretty much obligated to write this phrase. But thankfully it's true). Welcome to the wide world, Genevieve Simone L'Heureux.

First words of wisdom: be nice to your younger siblings...when you have some. Deal? Awesome.