Comp and Pircumstance

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And so it goes...I walked across a stage in MacCasland Fieldhouse today, signaling a kind of graduation-induced transformation from naive student to mature adult.

I guess...

I was the last to cross the stage and the word STUART hung in the air at the close of the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication convocation. And really it feels quite amazing to be done. Whew. Doggie. It's really over. Really.

So some photos, of course...

Me and Krista pre-ceremony. I worked with Krista at the yearbook. She was the cool head-honcho boss editor, and was (and is) a lovely individual. And starting June 1 she will be the nifty associate editor of a magazine in Dallas that's somehow related to D Magazine. I think that's right at least. So much for accurate journalistic details. But go K-dogg...gainful employment is always nice.

This is Graham. Before walking in for the ceremony I looked to my immediate right. Behold, Graham Reynolds. Ol' G. Rey and I played trombone together at Irving Middle School (go Cougars!) in sixth grade. Sadly Graham has since lost "the faith" of tromboning lore and told me he sold his horn for a paltry 40 bones recently (*tears*). But, regardless, it only seemed fitting to end my academic career with someone who I basically started it with. Best wishes, hombre.

The old grip-and-grin shot with the J-college dean. I got some bonus cheers I think for being the last one across the stage. Daddy Stu was representing as cameraman. Thanks, Pa.

The framed shot. Red cons just felt right for the occasion, you know?

The fam post-graduation. The oldest two siblings defaulted on attendance, and really, can you blame them? They've been through all this shenanigans before. It's kind of a beating if you're not the center of attention.

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  • dinah bess said...'> 11:20 AM

    I would just like to say, for the record, I was elbow deep in some poor old lady's spine as John frolicked, yes frolicked, across the stage. I was there in spirit dang it. And I made up for it later with cash.