Dog Walk with Serven Tookies

There is a proper pack of canines at the Stuart Dog Sanctuary this weekend. I brought the Tooks over for a traipse in the field with the beasts and some tasty iced cream immediately following. Both man and animal were satisfied.

The best posed shot we could muster with six overly hyped-up pooches.

I don't think Drew Boy likes pictures...

The pack post-walk.

The dogs were supposed to line up and race. It was a blunder -- they were apprehensive off the starting line, the finish line was ambiguous, and I think the fisherman on the right was less than amused at the six dogs ruining his relaxing evening at the pond. Oh well...

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  • Aaron Stuart said...'> 11:57 AM

    Mom and Tami in color coordinating "dog walker" outfits.