Summer Conference '07

Well, my final summer conference came and went. The drive was long as usual, and Becky's popped tire two hours into the trip down was most unfortunate. Thanks to all who helped with that fiasco...

But mostly it was (as in years past) very encouraging to see an assembly of God's people amassed for the purpose of worship and furthering their knowledge of His word (the beach might have played into that motivation for attending as well). Summer conference is always a vivid picture of how God is truly working in peoples' lives across the country on the college campus scene. This year, like previous years, I felt overwhelmed in wanting to talk to other people from hither and yon and ask them about their RUFs and what life is like in their corner of the higher education world. And I got to do this a little. I chatted with a few Virginia Tech students over lunch one day.

Mostly I asked them about the shooting stuff. I tried to stay away from the routine questions that they'd obviously been asked numerous times already. But it was good to get a few personal tidbits into what that tradgedy was like and how things unfolded in the weeks after. One of the girls I talked to lived in the same dorm as the shooter. Pretty crazy. I can't imagine what it would be like if that happened at OU. Hopefully I'll never have to.

But all in all a nice, though not very relaxing week (I'm not very good at relaxing at the beach -- I get bored and then I get anxious).

Some shots from the week:

Sally working it on the ladder golf. Don't let the pleasant demeanor fool you, she brings the heat. I bowed to the Schupacktion juggernaut at least once during the week.

Thomas "The Tangy Tomato Bacon Tank Engine" Brewer

The counselor is in.

Service with a smile.

The group does awkward.

Amanda "Hermione" Willis

Lewis and Clark

The in-car post up. Notice its subtle yet distinctive attitude.

Buried Tookies.

Some v-ball teammate miscommunication. Though it was OU's first time to field a volleyball team at summer conference we did pretty good. Sadly Matt G. (not pictured) dislocated his shoulder mid-game during the second round of match play. It was grisly and horrific. Thankfully Tony manhandled it back into socket while the masses watched stunned. I felt sick and wondered if what I was seeing was real. It was. Matt was okay in the end. I can only pray I never dislocate a joint. I would lose consciousness long before it got fixed probably...


Some dancing shots from the live music/blockparty action. We had a good time.


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