Bienvenidos a la Boda!

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On the morrow I will board a plane in OKC and after a couple of eight hours (without delay, hopefully) I'll be in Costa Rica. I'm going for my friend Diana's wedding. She lives in Tulsa, OK (though she used to be a Normanite) but her dad, Rudy (a swell hombre by all accounts), is from Cartago, Costa Rica. And thus, when your father is from CR and has a house there, why not get married there? Yes, why not indeed.

So she's getting married to Josh, a strapping lad from Orlando. It should be a good time. The wedding list reads about 70 names long. My old youth pastor from high school will be there and a few other peeps from my old church in Norman, so it should be good to catch up.

All the wedding guests have been given bright lime-green (eesh) t-shirts to travel in that read JOSH AND DIANA'S WEDDING so as to be easily spotted once in CR (read: blatant tourist entourage). But it should be an enjoyable week hanging with some old amigos and meeting some new ones, and I've been enlisted as the videographer for all pre-wedding events because the video dude bailed on them last minute. What a fool. You don't pass up wedding gigs like this. But I'm happy to roll some riveting footage. And don't worry, I'll have plenty of stills to show off too.

And once Diana and Josh are married they will be living in Cartago (in her rents' house) and will only be a half-hour bus ride (cost: 30 cents) from where I'll live in San Jose. So it will be nice to have some familiar faces not too far away, especially over Christmas as I'll not be venturing Oklahoma-side for the holidays.

Diana (middle) and Josh (left) and another friend on a balcony of the Cartago house. What a nice house you might say. Yes. Quite. And the cost of this entire house? $50k USD. How about let's all move there together?

CR countryside shot by Diana. Looks like my kind of terrain.

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  • Mikki said...'> 10:52 AM

    Do your not weigh down the plane.

  • Sally said...'> 12:25 PM

    looks amazing. I hate matching t-shirts in airports.