New bike and the nephews

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Twenty six hours of surprisingly agreeable travel time saw me safely back in the Motherland on Thursday evening. And since I flew to Dallas, I decided to hangout with my bro and fam for a few days before heading north to N-town. A good decision. On Friday my heart warmed when Aaron said the magic words: "Hey, let's go to the bike store."

"YES. Let us do this," answered I.

And so it was he came into the possession of a '07 Specialized Rockhopper he'd been eyeing. A fine steed by all accounts. And then we rode it about the hood for a christening venture. The birds were singing, the bike tires humming contentedly, the Mid-Western breeze upon our skin. A fine tour by all measures, and I was just glad to be riding again, though I had to pilot the old bike.

Cruisin'. We were breaking a lot of rules with this setup, namely using a hiking child-porter for cycling purposes, and the overall absence of helmets. Shame on us for not having any. Please, if you ride, wear one. I've repented and seen the light myself. You might also point out that I was taking pictures while riding, but this is decidedly a legal undertaking. Two-handed riding is overrated.

Oldest nephew's costume for his friend's pirate birthday party. "Swashbuckling Sam."

The Connect Four game face.

Younger nephew goes for a swing.

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