The Malaysia adventure is old news by now, but I thought these pics were noteworthy enough to share in a separate post.

When you reach the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur you immediately notice the tall buildings. And the Petronas Towers certainly spice up the KL cityscape. But it's not till you get up close that you realize how impressive the towers are. And if you're from Oklahoma, anything taller than a red-ant hill or spiro mound is rather exciteable. So here are some shots and figures about the 1,483 ft. twin structures. I like random facts and numbers, so perhaps you can find some of these stats of interest as well. Sadly we didn't get to go up in the towers because apparently they have a finite number of tickets per day for tourists. Lame.

Number of floors: 88
Total concrete used: 196,000 tons
Reinforcement: 10,955 tons
Structural steel: 7,500 tons of beams and trusses
Total steel used: 36,910 tons
Doors: 1,800 numbers
Stairs: 765 flights
Total sq. feet: 4,251,780
Depth of foundation: 150 meters
Weight per tower: 300,000 tons

And this amusing fact I found on wikipedia:

"On March 20th, 1997, French urban climber, Alain "Spiderman" Robert, using only his bare hands and feet and with no safety devices, scaled the building's exterior glass and steel wall. Police arrested him at the 60th floor, 28 floors away from the "summit". He made a second attempt on March 20th 2007, exactly 10 years later, and was stopped once again on the same floor (though on the other tower)."

Quite the present-day Jacques Cousteau type. I think the Malays should have let him climb to the top. He did 60 stories, what's another 28?

A cutting-edge KL fashion statement. I don't think the Malays were ready for it. I pulled in some stares from passersby, but you only get a shot like this once in a lifetime so I couldn't resist. As a side note, I found polyester doesn't jive well with a tropical climate. So unless you need some serious head-turning garment power, you're better off leaving the cruisewear at home.

Where's Dan-O?


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