A little bike ride

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If you know me then you know I'm an idea man. A bit of a romantic idealist perhaps (though I don't like to be painted with that brush) whose always up for entertaining a new perspective on things (at least for a while) and contributing my own thoughts to the proverbial marketplace of ideas.

And if you've talked to me for an amount of time then you've probably endured my throwing about of an assortment of future potential life plans. (And thanks for nodding and saying uh huh while I'm talking even though you know things will probably change with the next high tide.)

But I've got one idea I've been simmering that tastes pretty good I think, and is relatively short-term, though certainly guaranteed to be a smidge arduous.

In August I will go to Costa Rica. And I will return Oklahoma-side at the end of February '08.

In the summer of '08 I will have my requisite military duty, starting in June or July.

So sometime between April and mid-June I would like to take a little bike ride. Inspired by some friends, the Beeses, Normanites who are biking to the geographic center of all fifty states in two years, I am proposing a trip across just a few of our states. Namely, I want to ride from Norman, Oklahoma to Portland, Maine. A scant 2,000 miles by my estimate.

I know people in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire and finally, Maine. I'm envisioning about a month or month and a half journey, with a mixture of camping out while en route and also staying with people I know. Then, once arriving in Portland (where I'll stay with my uncle, hopefully in the bed and breakfast he is partial owner of there), I'll ship my trusty two-wheeler home and fly back to Oklahoma, saddle sore but with innumerable memories.

So. A little bike ride indeed. And it would be nice if I had a sidekick(s). Anyone wanna see some of the eastern US on bikeback? I think it would be worthwhile.

For other stimulating books (and ones that have been personally enjoyable if not influencial) see: Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival, A Walk Across America, A Walk Across America 2: The Walk West, Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod, We Took to the Woods, and At Home in the Woods.)

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  • Sally said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/06/little-bike-ride.html?showComment=1182970680000#c4980513826527812676'> 1:58 PM

    WOW, John. That sounds so cool. I would never be able to keep up, though. You need to meet my brother. He bikes a lot and has read "A walk across America" and sequel only about 7 times.

  • jules said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/06/little-bike-ride.html?showComment=1183103280000#c6329460648713257348'> 2:48 AM

    Hey, it was about time for this idea to become a blog! It's official now. hehe

  • Daughter of Eve said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/06/little-bike-ride.html?showComment=1183117020000#c6156230698545666719'> 6:37 AM

    Sidekick? As in riding in a sidecar on your bike while you peddle? I didn't know they made those, but sure, I'm game. I'd love to see some scenery. Maybe I could bring a guitar and a little cooler so things don't get too rustic? We could just strap those to your back a la Aaron and Josh? Man, this is going to be a blast! Maybe we could have matching tshirts that say, "The Ride" on them.