A glint of the 'Treasure'

As promised (see how faithful I am?), more fotos of that great beyond which has oft captured my imagination but ne'er registered on the senses. I don't know when I would go back, but it wouldn't be for lack of appreciation. Golly.

Behold, the Treasure State! Looks are deceiving though. You're still 450 miles from Canada when driving in from Wyoming. Ol' Mont...she's a behemoth. By comparison, 450 miles is the distance between Boston and Washington, D.C...

No wonder marse William Clark said this about the great Western expanses while pursuing an elk on that famous trek:

“Came Suddenly into an open and bound less Prarie, I Say bound less because I could not See the extent of the plain in any Derection…This prospect was So Sudden & entertaining that I forgot the object of my prosute…”
-July 19, 1804

Beauty, Clark. Bee-you-tee. That's what I say.

Nice place to pull over for a picture, eh? So picturesque and remote.


The place where your tire goes flat...aka...the middle of nowhere.
Sweet mother. Thank you, Toyota for your full-size spare tires! Would've been up a creek six ways from Sunday without such Asianic brilliance.

“This is truly a desert barren country…”
Meriwether Lewis on the Missouri River Breaks, Chouteau County, Montana, May 26, 1805

No joke, Brother Lewis. But pretty spectacular too.

My two impeccable hosts. Friends of friends you see. Quite nice of them to let me alight in their acquaintance for a time, having never spoken before. So glad I visited.

More Hyalite Reservoir, just south of Bozeman. Perfect pooch placement right there.

Out for a pleasure cruise, in eel infested waters.

Simply delightful.

An amusing kind of bumper sticker.

Hail, L & C. I want to start one called the Sacajawea Motel. Would you come visit?

Montana State University...home of the Bobcats. If you can tell me what conference they're in (without looking it up) you are either from Montana, went to school at MSU, or need some hobbies.

Nice campus though. Soo much cool stuff to do outdoors it's almost sickening.
Hope you like winter though. By thunder! They say there are two seasons there...July...and Winter.

Here's to you, Ol' Mont. If I hadn't been taking this picture I would've given you two up. Way up.

The End.

3 Responses to 'A glint of the 'Treasure''

  • dinah bess said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2009/09/as-promised-see-how-faithful-i-am-more.html?showComment=1253641704165#c4045182742534796546'> 12:48 PM

    I totally need that bumper sticker for Alex.

  • Tami said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2009/09/as-promised-see-how-faithful-i-am-more.html?showComment=1253835244490#c278066077104256409'> 6:34 PM

    Six ways from Sunday, that's hilarious.

    Did you make that up?

  • Laura Negus said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2009/09/as-promised-see-how-faithful-i-am-more.html?showComment=1253891444852#c5442321124658697627'> 10:10 AM

    Sam guessed correctly: The Big Sky Conference! "That IS my hobby!"