Baby Love

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One of the more poignant highlights of my return OK-side has been meeting my newest niece, Genevieve. I got this privilege only several weeks ago, shortly after my reentry to the Sooner Nation. Genevieve (aka "Vivi" or "G"...see also "Lil' G") leads a life of simplistic beauty, with a mainstay trio of activities engrossing her time: eating, poohing, grubbing. Repeat.

They say retirement is bliss, but those AARP roustabouts can keep their golden years. Baby life is the life to have, people. Seriously.

Lil' G, I reckon you're a keeper my dear. Grub long and prosper.

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  • Ariana Q. said...'> 9:55 PM

    Tu sobrina esta muy bonita. Tambien estoy de acuerdo, la vida de infante tiene que ser la mejor!!