Way to go...Idaho!

Some more shots from the recent road trip with the rents through CO, WY, ID and UT. I'm reminded once again how flippin massive the West really is in that we drove thousands of miles and only saw five states (I left out Kansas above for obvious reasons). Last summer's road trip to the north east spanned a similar distance and featured 12 different estados.

But I've whittled my been-to state list down significantly for the western US. Only Nevada, Oregon and North Dakota left! To be honest, I'm not certain I'll ever see North Dakota, and I'm really okay with that.

But let us get on with the photo documentation.

Grand Tetons in western Wyo. Still coolest mountains I've ever seen.
No bear sightings, contrary to warning signs.

Grand Teton peak (13,770 ft. - 4,198 m) from Colter Bay.

Pristine drive.

Our tent cabin in Grand Teton Nat'l Park. Cheapo to rent and really a good time. Great family camping action right here. Wood stove included, to combat nightly lows in the 30s at the end of August.

Bear box included!

Ol' Faithful. Slightly overrated but pretty good nonetheless. Maybe Sesame Street has also ruined this like it did my attention span. :(

Ma and Papa Stu at the Lower Falls of Yellowstone River. AMAZING.

Lower Falls panoramic.

Checking out Yellowstone's geyserific features. We learned that the western United States are S.O.L. in the event the whole thing erupts. Not sure how Oklahoma would fare...

Mr. and Mrs. Otter swam up during our kayaking. They were so curious and let us get within several yards. Funny animals, with their huffing and puffing and intelligent stares. Won't see this action on Sesame Street, kids!

Kayak power!

They say eight seconds on a Jackalope is like 80 on a bronc. Papa Stu saddled up this specimen in Dubois, Wyo. The whole state of Wyoming has a curious obsession with the Jackalope. I'm still figuring it out. Never got many solid answers on this one...

On to Idaho! Paragliders in Sun Valley. Pioneer Mts. in distance.

Cousin Miles with his aptly named "Bear."

Merrily we rolled along. Whole valley is laced with bike trails. Thankfully rich people love cycling too!

Idaho wheat harvest.

Good to know.

More ID wheat near Twin Falls.

ID spud farmer.

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  • Hannah said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2009/09/way-to-goidaho.html?showComment=1252814622630#c239349640576337715'> 11:03 PM

    Nice shots, Ace! Whenever I'm beneath the Tetons, I feel like I could gaze at them for hours and not know a second went by. They are stunning. And, yes, Old Faithful is overrated. But it's classic. Yellowstone just isn't Yellowstone without it. Glad you had fun. Come back soon! =).