Family Project — phase II

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My dad started working on the pergola in our backyard two years ago. On Wednesday my brother lobbied for the completion of the project, so the Stuart-family men (with a Negus thrown in) helped out to get 'er done. Overall it looks good. Just don't look too closely at the curvy jig-saw cuts. Some of the ones I did are kind of shady.

This is what the pergola has looked like for the last two years. Very — basic.

Aaron laying a chalk line.

Dad knotching the posts. As a safety note, it's probably not a good idea to hold a running skill saw over one's head whilst rigging the blade guard to not cover the blade. But my dad is old school. He can't be held back by such modern safety conventions.

Molly giving nephew Joshy some love.

Kids like popsicles.


Sam and his jig saw.

Putting up the first side post.

Nephew Carson helping his dad with some cuts.

The screw gun master.

The girls pleading for Sam's food. I can't imagine why they think he would feed them...

The end result minus a few top posts.

The X cross braces. My brother's idea.

All done. Looks good, team. Now my mom can start planning the foliage to grow on it.

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