Rule, Britania


Even now my sis, Laura and her ginger hubby, Sam are on their way to England for a two month sabbaticle. Wanting to spend some time with the British side of the fam, they'll be there for the holidays and return conveniently on the same day as the Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State basketball game in January. Methinks this not a coincidence...

And sadly, with this across-the-pond migration, I'm without roommates for these next two months. So if anyone wants to make dinner plans and/or cook something at my place in the ensuing weeks, I am ALL for it.

They're taking one of these to make the 5,000 mile hop from Dallas to London. The venerable 777.

They'll ride on these.

While in Nottingham they'll be here on good ol' Baulk Lane.

They'll stay here at the hospitable Negus headquarters.

Perhaps they'll venture into Nottingham's city centre.

And a stop at Robin Hood's memorial is a must.

And if in the mood, they'll eat this — tasty fried cod fish.

And some of these — the delectable chips (with extra salt).

Much of this will be consumed. Samuel, of course, will take his strong and without cream, thank you.

And of course PINTS of this will be downed. Careful, children, you've been subsisting on 3-point malty water for the past months and your tolerance is but a frail garter...

And if The Chubby Giant has anything to do with things, some of these will definitely be eaten.

Sam will watch his storied Derby County Rams dominate here at Pride Park on perhaps more than one occasion. We can only hope for victory.

Perhaps a daytrip like this one — a day in Castleton to visit a Norman castle — will get thrown in the mix, just to keep things interesting. grass in winter...

Or maybe a scenic walk up in Derbyshire for a touch of fresh air and sheepish delights is in store.


But a trip to see Manchester's most eligible bachelor is definitely lined up.

Mr. Chris "I am the law!" Gawn, folks.

And of course an excursion to Parliament to find this stunning young professional is of utmost importance.

Mr. Martin "the future M.P." Davy, ladies and gentlemen.

Unfortunately, these characters will not be coming to visit the Old Country along with Laura and Sam this time. *sigh*

And neither will these folks...

It's my blog, so I get to be in both pictures...

But thankfully, with Sam and Laura's venture across the Drink, all these folks can be in the same room for at least a time (though not for such an epic occasion as depicted).

The Negus families and the not-so-distantly-founded Sanlon family.

So a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Oklahoma to all ya'll way over there.

And to my roommates, I'll be here when you get back. And perhaps a little bit thinner...

3 Responses to 'Rule, Britania'

  • Laura Negus said...'> 8:42 AM

    Seriously, chubby, you're not going to get any thinner during the x-mas holidays! Lay off the Twinkies!

  • Anonymous said...'> 8:45 AM

    1. My return is no coincidence. Is there something wrong with that? Someone has to support OU basketball you know.

    2. I take my tea more at medium strength leaning towards weak. Bad chubchub.

    3. We had a pint of bitter in London yesterday and yes, your sister's tolerance is indeed down. Although we were jet lagged too. More research is necessary.

  • keely steger said...'> 1:00 PM

    Part of me wishes I'd married a foreigner, so as to enjoy trips such as this back home with him. This German/Chinese man I've got is all American. Damn.