Thanksgiving @ the Stuart crib


The immediate family, minus little nephew Josh. He was napping. Mhmmm...napping...

My bro, The Fat Man, putting away some of mom's legendary cole slaw.

The Tiny Pet and the Chubby Giant.

Walking the dogs.

Cousin Chris out of the shotgun and going deep. Chris lives in Wyoming and drove down to Norman with the fam for the festivities. Go WYO!

Storm and Dr. Alex.

Storm fetching the bumper. Yellow labs are enjoyably easier to photograph than their black counterparts, I've discovered.

Big dog, little dog.

Sam "holding" London. She is real. She is a tea cup Chihuahua and weighs 14 ounces.

Cousins Tanis and Marshall. They live in Wyoming too.


My sis-in-law, Laura Jean, Pa and Ma. The awkward family photo. Glorious.

Nephew Carson and cousin Myles. "Mom, Myles is my new best friend." ~Carson

Carson and Myles on the powerwheels.

Dinah and cousin Marshall.

Chubby Laura, London (in the sweater) and Mama Stu.

Thanksgiving sunset.

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  • keely steger said...'> 1:03 PM

    When and why did the "Chub" stuff start? Were either of you actually ever chubby at any given time in your lives?
    You crazy kids.