I had drill this weekend. On Saturday the army band drove up to Ponca City to play and march in a four-block parade. It was fun but anti-climactic. Four hours on a bus for four blocks of parade. Hmmm...

But after the parade, the local Ponca City American Legion hall hosted a tasty lunch for all veterans. The army band, myself included (yes people, I AM a veteran), took advantage of the free lunch.

We met some storied WWII vets, chommed sandwiches and homemade desserts, and talked about the general lack of tuning capabilities of the bag pipes as an instrument. Especially those played in parades for some reason. But that's just bandee banter...

On to the photos:

Some of the band enjoying lunch.

Bryant, me and Chase. Not sure what the intended goal was here, but I like the awkward undertones...

Me and Steve, a fellow trombone player. Steve is a band teacher in Yukon and his last name is Sharp. A fitting name, considering his line of work.

Freedom Brownie.


After drill I went to my friend Patrick's house. He's a trumpet player in the band and he just bought a new remote controlled truck. I used to be somewhat of a remote controlled car enthuz in my youth, so it was invigorating to take the controls again.

Patrick's truck is gas powered and goes 45 mph. At one point he suggested I get back into the sport again, but it doesn't hold the same meaning as it once did. And I've already got enough expensive hobbies methinks.

Back in the saddle. Such poise and masterful technique.

We drove it under the 4Runner without incident.

Stay tuned for some pics of the Texas Tech game-day festivities...

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