Friday Night Lights

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We went and saw Norman High vs. West Moore for the distict championship last Friday.

Norman High used to be my enemy (Go Norman North T-wolves!), but anymore I have great difficulty summoning any amount of secondary education school spirit in general.

But some good times at the game nonetheless. We ate candy, sniggered at the adolescent tomfoolry and made jokes about the outlandish and annoying West Moore fan who sat behind us. He also happened to be wearing a burnt orange cap with some kind of cow logo on it. Very low-class...

The final result?

West Moore 28, Norman High 14

Oh great. Who gave Jonathan the spirit whappers?

Wha' happened?

The highlight of the evening, though their music was disappointing.

It was cold.

The annoying super fan with the burnt orange cap. I managed a discreet photo of him while he happened to not be moving about spouting things like "C'mon coaches!" "What are you doing?!" and "Go Baby Go!"

The classic high school scene. Check out the girl in the middle giving that guy the googley eyes. He probably just asked her to the semi-formal, or to smoke out with him behind the stands after the game...whichever "those kids" are doing these days...

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