Amusing Phrases / Expressions

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For no particular reason and in no specific order:

H-E Double Hockey Stick
At Loggerheads
Be there with bells on
Tore up from the floor up
A tisket, A tasket
Oh, Gordon Bennett!
Taken to the woodshed
Thrown under the bus
I don't give a Rat's
Jaw Jacking
Kicked to the curb
Got your Goat
Coming for your children (in the night)
Chatty Kathy
Six Ways from Sunday
Hung out to Dry
Ass over Teakettle
Oh Moses, smell the roses

Do you have any favorites?

4 Responses to 'Amusing Phrases / Expressions'

  • Schupack said...'> 2:55 PM

    I can't think of any favorites now, but I have definitely not heard of all of those. Wow...

  • Laura Negus said...'> 11:13 PM

    "cheek by jowl"

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 10:01 AM

    monkeying around
    pot calling the kettle black
    I break that.
    three sheets to the wind

  • Sam Negus said...'> 7:59 AM

    Load of bollocks.

    I can't think of any phrases though.