Milt goes corporate

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I trust by now you've all met Milt. And if not, then you will now. Say hello to the man in the picture above. He came into my life a confused and provocatively dressed youth. Full of wonder. See him in his formative years here.

As far as alter egos go, I'd say Milt has been good for me. Just cool enough to make me feel important, but not too popular that it's annoying. No supermarket autograph maulings. No no.

But this summer it occurred to me that what I have in Milt, and namely his stunning threads, is just too special to keep to myself. It would be wrong for me to hoard it. Unethical. So. I did some talking to the sun. And said I didn't like the way he got things done. And I took Milt public and incorporated. Thus, Milton Inc. took to the skies, and along with it, a pictorial brand name that is sweeping the nations.

Some close friends bought into the vision. And the results? I think you'll find them most agreeable. So, I just have one charge for you all. Please, take this jacket. Take it to the corners of the globe and back again. And know that when you put it on, you represent a legacy of cutting-edge genre photography that is steeped in tradition.

I sincerely believe that deep down, there's a little bit of plaid polyester in each of us. And it's screaming to be let out. So please. Open the door. And let it out.

This is my charge. Thank you.

Meet Mildred. She did France this summer. Thanks for sharing, Mildred. Your contribution has been invaluable. Surely you won't be forgotten.

Mildred also saw Rome. Good show!

And now, I introduce Milt-Yao, a bless'ed brother. Milt-Yao walked The Great Wall this very month. Certainly a bulwark of artistic expression.

Curiously, Milt-Yao has a special accomplice, Mirabel. I'll let Mr. Yao explain the finer details of their personal contract, but this is certainly an edgy and riveting contribution to the genre. Well done, Mirabel.

And lastly, I give you an historic setting of Emperor Qin's Terra Cotta Warriors. A photographical masterpiece of such earthy magnitude only a handful have seen! Most humble thanks for what you've given us with this installment, Milt-Yao.

So who's next? The chapters are waiting to be written. And I hope you'll take part too.

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  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 1:42 PM

    I think Dan and Christina look the best in it.

    Dan seems to embody the whole timelessness of it.