Sunday Afternoon

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Move over, Beckham.

Older brother can kick while holding a popsicle.

Free throw. We're multi-talented here. Molly is uninterested on the left.

Molly greeting Daddy with a kiss. My dad got home today from New Orleans where he's been for the last three months working for The Man. Basically, State Farm is trying to finalize what they owe and what they don't to Hurricane Katrina peeps. My dad sifted through piles of fraudulent claims alongside handfuls of credible ones. He said lawyers in NOLA will roam about speaking in CHURCHES and promise to get people money in court for their property losses. That's so shady.

But anyway, welcome back to the "dry" heat, Pa. Glad to have you home.

2 Responses to 'Sunday Afternoon'

  • Schupack said...'> 8:51 AM

    picture #3 is so cute!

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 11:22 PM

    That kissing picture is so vulgar.

    I break that.