Nose Job


Last Monday I had nose surgery. Contrary to some nasty rumors, I assure you the procedure was entirely non-cosmetic in purpose. I got stuck with a needle, everything went black and the doc fixed my deviated septum so I can breathe better.

Despite being laid up for most of last week, icing my schnoz (see picture) and pumping water up my blood-clot strewn sinuses, I have to say I can breathe way better now (and I'm not fully recovered). It's nice to lie down and respirate freely out the nose. I didn't used to do this. And at the break of dawn, there's been no drool upon the pillow. I have to think this is a good improvement.

So here's to cleaning out the bloody-nose clots of life, and straightening septums for the betterment of society. Cause hey, we all deserve a fresh breath of air.

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