Costa Rica, take II

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A few more shots from the week and wedding festivities. It was quite the whirlwind week, and though I personally wouldn't want to have a wedding of this caliber myself (too much pomp and circumstance), it does allow for your friends to have a pretty sweet time. And true to form, the local latinos showed up LATE for the wedding, so we got started about 45 minutes behind schedule. Glorious. I guess even weddings are not important enough to warrant a punctual arrival. The service itself was in English and Spanish which was pretty neat. Though it made for a longer service.

Normally this would've been fine, but when the tripod upon which you're meant to rest your heavy video camera breaks, you have to hold said camera aloft the entire time. Things got pretty shaky toward the end of the service, I fear. It probably looks like I was getting choked up. "It's just so dang beautiful *tear*." Between me and the other videographer at the wedding we had ZERO wedding-filming experience. But it's not reinventing the wheel, so I'm sure it's fine. I guess I'll really find out about the footage when the newly founded Mr. and Mrs. return from their honeymoon in Prague. Hopefully there will be no Bridezilla moments. Those are never pretty.

But here are some various trip photos in random order.


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    Costa Rica has beautiful skies