Each summer OU does a thing called Camp Crimson for incoming freshmen. Perhaps some of you have attended this yourselves, but it's basically a get-to-know-others-and-have-fun-in-a-college-type-setting thing. One of the events for the camp is a hypnotist presentation. My friend Mike asked me to take some pics alongside him for the yearbook, so I obliged and tagged along for the Thursday evening show.

As a side note, it was good to be back in the photojournalism saddle. Roaming around, snapping pics, getting people's names and identifying info for photo captions (i.e. name, major, classification — freshman in this case). I miss taking pictures like this. And I think I'll definitely miss shooting football games come fall. Alas, no more free sideline passes for the OU-Texas game. Sigh...

But I'm not sure what I think about hypnotism. It seems like you have to want to be hypnotized for it to work. I think I would be too stubborn to succumb. But it's entertaining to watch others do wacky things. I had a fun evening snapping pics and absorbing the frosh excitement. I remembered back to my incoming freshman days. Good times.

And it makes for some good photo opps. Here are some I got:

Falling asleep.

When the hypnotist played certain music this girl acted like a giant bird was attacking her.

This guy thought he was celebrating his fifth birthday. He had some difficulty inflating his balloon.

This guy thought he was Shania Twain and sang along to the tune Man! I Feel Like a Woman. I will say this was very amusing. Notice my friend Mike in the bottom of the pic. He got ground-level shots. I played sniper in the balcony with the telephoto. I love this lens. I would buy one if I had $1,200 laying around without a purpose.

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  • Sally said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/07/hypnosis.html?showComment=1185581040000#c6445686979860564742'> 7:04 PM

    whoa. Now that is a lens

  • Anonymous said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/07/hypnosis.html?showComment=1185653340000#c5387160945067494155'> 3:09 PM

    just buy the lens.

    you got no kids man.