From Sea to Shining Sea

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It's that time of year again when the piccolos ping out notes, the tubas blat and the Star Spangled Banner is proudly waved during rousing choruses of army band marches. Indeed, it's annual training with the 95th Division Army Reserve Band.

This year we're doing a mini-tour for our two weeks of official summer-time action. We'll be playing in Tulsa, Branson (woo hoo!), St. Charles, MO, and Eureka Springs, AR. And we'll do a few things in Oklahoma City around the headquarters as well.

And I missed our country's Independence Day celebrations this year on account of being out of the country, so I for one will really be blasting my heart out on every rousing chorus and finale. And on every 6-8 and 2-4 upbeat section and every ending-note stinger. That you can be certain.

So happy late Independence Day, America. And perhaps I'll see some of you readers on the road. Look for me on stage if you like. I'll be playing an instrument and wearing camouflage.

Above is a pic from our annual training in '04 at Fort Riley, KS. You gotta look tough in army pics. It's in the regulations...

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