St. Louis

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Chilling near the old state capitol with the arch in the background.

We played for a decent crowd at a nifty pavilion on the banks of the swollen Missouri River.

My roomie, Specialist Kimmel, surveying the city. Notice the Cardinals' stadium in the distance. It's certainly worth the 10 bones to get to the top of the arch. A college dropout designed the elevator system and the arch only sways nine inches at most at the top (in 150 mph winds).

St. Louis Union Station. A fantastically beautiful old edifice. I think about remarkable old buildings like this and wonder where the architectural aesthetics have gone in our modern age. It's depressing to observe your average cityscape these days. Holy bleak sprawling franchise nightmare, Batman! I guarantee people won't be blogging positively about strip malls in 100 years.

Kids playing in the fountain.

I felt obligated to go for a dip myself. I daresay I exposed more upper thigh than ere I have in public before. Ghast! But the cool water felt good in the steamy afternoon sun.

The arch. 630 feet of picturesque, stainless-steel covered concrete. A remarkable structure.

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln...and Kimmel.

Looking down on the arch mall.

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  • Mikki said...'> 9:20 AM

    Whoa Chubbers...I must admit, you've done a superb job of loosing all of that saggy thigh flesh, or perhaps you have a new girdle that I don't know about. tell. Um, food pictures? I'll make it up to you with the next post. :-)

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 4:23 PM

    Token thigh shot. Blatant self-exposure. That's what it's called when the water is four inches under the place where you've rolled your shorts to!