Kicking the Habit


Success! I finally quit chewing my fingernails as a life practice. Based on a passing dare at Summer Conference in May, I decided then that I'm done with this neurotic sillyness. And I'm a better man for it, I think. So far I've been clean for about eight weeks now. My support group has been very helpful and encouraging. Oh, I quit popping my knuckles too. Figured that wasn't helping me either.

So here's to kicking a 23-year-old bad habit. Maybe I'll focus next on my scab-picking tendencies...

2 Responses to 'Kicking the Habit'

  • Sally said...'> 11:40 PM

    haha. congratulations! I was actually going to ask about the progress...

  • Anonymous said...'> 10:43 AM

    This is a sad, sad day. You'll be hearing from Nail Biters Union within the week...and it won't be pretty I can assure you.

    Vice-President, Nail Biters Union Local #124