Old School Shot


Backyard bouncing. Me, my amigo Daniel and my sisters (Dinah left and Laura right) circa 1992 in Norman.

2 Responses to 'Old School Shot'

  • Mikki said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/07/old-school-fam-shot.html?showComment=1185241980000#c4485419790951934656'> 8:53 PM

    So I clicked on the old school picture to get a better view of the candid memory. And...I came to a conclusion I've come to before...

    You're head...is big.


  • dinahbess said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/07/old-school-fam-shot.html?showComment=1185301680000#c5159715986948656100'> 1:28 PM

    Wow this IS an old school shot. You and Dan used to get in the jump suit all the time! I agree with Mikki about the size of the mel. I also like my pink scrunch socks. Overall, a sweet pic.