Another Round

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Thought I'd post a few more pics of Ice Catastrophe '07. And really, if we're honest, there's nothing else going on in the state, so it only seems fitting.

And in the height of the outage, amidst the suburban chaos, I actually enjoyed pulling out the oil lamps and reading by wick-light. It would be cool to have a lights out party sometime I think and just hang out and play games or some such activity with lamps and candles. But I think that was called the 60s, so maybe that idea is played.

Spikey thaw. Watch your face.

Ice mace.

We lost a lot of good power lines out there...

Everdead. Looks like a real porker tried to climb every branch with less than environmentally friendly results. Well, that's just what initially comes to mind...

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  • dinahbess said...'> 11:42 PM

    Wow the pond pic looks wierd. It doesn't even look like the same forest. I wish those fattys would quit climbing the pine trees geez...