Chop Sooey!

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Ventured to the OU vs. Arkansas b-ball action yesterday with the bro and his fam/in-laws. Haven't been to a basketball game in many moons. Our team is somewhat suspect, but we pulled out a victory regardless. There were free hot dogs and beverages in the mix, so a fine outing overall.
Yesterday I went to a funeral in the morning, a basketball game in the afternoon and a wedding in the evening. An interesting assortment of societal events. It didn't seem so odd then, but now it kind of does.

The majestic Lloyd Noble Center.

High quality defense. Maybe...

Joshy refusing to eat ice cream. The critics called it a bratty powerplay, but he recovered with some seeming heartfelt cordiality in the end.

Cheap half-time thrills: The Village People, only four of them are dummies attached to the middle guy who was the puppet-master of sorts. Pretty funny until you realize that this man has devoted his life to this as means of gainful employment. But you know, you gotta do something...

Go team. I promise I was not harming the child (Carson) in this photo.


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