ship them back (?)

Back in May the OK gov't peeps gave the thumbs up to a bill that effects hispanics and is mostly shady: House Bill 1804.

Do we know about this? I really didn't until a few weeks ago.

The bill's language says that legal residents can get in serious doo-doo if they give undocumented people rides or let them into their homes.

So, you can actually get your can locked up for a year and pay a $1,000 fine for hanging out with undocumented folk, or giving them a lift to and fro.

So now the State is not only crimping our ability to buy quality beer (see silly liquor laws), but also who we can drink that beer with and under what circumstances. (though hopefully you wouldn't be drinking in a car anyway)

No good is this.

My mom has a good friend from Peru who has had her legal resident status for more than 20 years. And she was very nervous about the new stipulations, becoming so concerned that she went downtown to the authorities to make certain she wasn't going to get the proverbial boot of deportation.

And today I was chatting with a friend's mom who is a nurse in OKC. Last week she treated a hispanic baby who was very sick and close to dying. The mother, an undocumented oklahoman, was afraid to bring the child in for help because she was afraid of the negative legal ramifications.

No good.

All political leanings aside, there must exist a base sense of humanitarian good will I think. It is true: there are millions of undocumented people in our country right now. And more all the time. This is an issue, and a very complex one at that. But when do we look at these out-of-towners as people? Or as friends? Or as individuals who need help?

And I wonder what our responsibility is toward this people group specifically. Or less privileged (at least legally speaking) peoples in general. How am I using my privileges to help others?

So anyway, I say boo to the new regs. I'll give rides to everyone. And if you need a place to stay, you can crash with me, regardless of which side of the tracks you're from.

*whoa, a political post. interesting*

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  • Schupack said...'> 11:22 PM

    a manifesto, even

  •'> 1:05 PM

    Definitely food for thought! Will be interesting to see how it actually plays out. Erin