Spontaneous Teleportation

"Will you pass the trail mix, John?" the question sounded crisply in the mountain sunlight.

Since a young boy I've had the background fear of spontaneous teleportation.

On Monday we ventured to the spiring (cough), no, in-spiring (cough), no...okay just old Wichita Mts. in SW Oklahoma. A great outing on many fronts.

But it was in those foothills that this thought of teleportation revisited me with sudden candor. Not sure why.

And I remembered lying awake at night in years past, contemplating being suddenly ripped from my warm sheets and dropped down in sundry, distasteful armpits of the globe:

-deserted windswept mountain tops.

-broad expansive deserts.

-wooded wilderness with bears


-and the MOST fearful location:

-THE OCEAN- in the water with only a life jacket and manflesh-eating G. Whites finning on all sides.

NOTE: This particular thought caused me not a little discomfort.

And what would take place once I teleported to these places?

What would I do?

What would happen to me?

What would attack me?

"OH. What?" I snapped back into reality in the Wichitas, coming out of the gray matter wonderland.

"Yeah, sure, here's the trailmix."

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  • thomas said...
    http://justpixels2.blogspot.com/2007/12/spontaneous-teleportation.html?showComment=1198824180000#c1182854123224510356'> 12:43 AM

    Haha. I like it. Sounds like something similar to my "stab someone with a utensil" paranoia.