From the Grounds Up

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As with all things in the wide world, you'll have enthusiasts to go along with them. Hobbyists and nerds and closet obsessors. And then we come to the topic of regal caffeinated beverages (all rise!) and things get cinched up a few belt-loops. Indeed, there are some who take the ground and bean-based indulgences as sacred. Which brings us to the adventures of Sir Nicholas and the Chrome Brewer.

Lo, the Chrome Brewer awaits at a steamy idle. The peasants lick their chops in anticipation. But where is Sir Nicholas?

Aha. We find him grinding to a start. The magic formula of Antioch? = 16g coffee + 2 oz water. And the number of counting shall be three...

Tamper for consistency of water flow. Such deftness and mastery Sir Nicholas flourishes. The peasants quiver in delight.

The Chrome Brewer takes no prisoners. Many a lesser man has burned alive at its steam orifices. Or at least mildly scalded. Sir Nich fears not.

A glorious tide of roasted brew. The peasants volley for position. Who will be the lucky one gifted today?


Not infrequently, Sir Nicholas grants interviews to the Frenchies for his coffee-top dairy artistry. Though he's his own man. Close the gate and he'll mount the fence.

"Real men drink lattes," says Sir Nicholas. Here, here! The peasants grovel in admiration.

And thus, the fortunate peasant was I that fateful afternoon. I'll just say it goes down with nary a biting edge...

Well done, Sir. Well done. King Barista would be proud.

And he's good with computers, too! Sir Nicholas, live long and prosper. Truly a gentle-man, from the grounds up.

5 Responses to 'From the Grounds Up'

  • peachesandplums said...'> 2:49 AM

    ooooohhhh (*drooling*)

  •'> 7:19 AM don't know how much that sequence touches my heart! You may be able to help me out, but I just haven't found a GREAT cup of coffee here - some that are "good", others that are "better", but none that would match the pictures shown above...oh woah is me!

  • Daughter of Eve said...'> 6:55 PM

    Brother Menard says he approves.

  • thomas said...'> 5:25 PM


  • Rhonda said...'> 12:00 AM

    NOT FAIR!!!!!!! That is jsut WRONG! Do you know what I'd give for the taste of the holiness you just captured in fotos? It's just not right!

    Hope you're having fun in the good ol' US of A! The San Carlos Mission Trip just wasn't the same without you. I think it's time for a visit.