Matrimony, Holy.

The call came in a week before it all went down. Nicky had a job and needed some behind-the-scenes work. She had the major strokes in place but needed a go-to man in case things got ugly. Someone to back her up if the shooting turned graphic.

And thus, my first wedding gig came and went with nary a problemo. And, truth be told (but don't tell anyone), I actually kinda enjoyed myself. Ahem, that is, it wasn't so bad. I mean, the action lit up, I kind of got into it and before I knew it - SHAZAM! - I'd grabbed four gigs of pics.

And it was my first foray into taking RAW photos instead of their j-peggly cousins. I have to say I like what I see. Unfortunately each photo is about seven megabytes instead of one to three. But you don't really need to know all that. Unless you want to, of course. In which case we can geek amongst ourselves in private.

Nicky the Ring Leader. "I'm gonna bust jo face." She always says that.

Super Nicky in action, gettin' the cakes.

Like ol' L. Skywalker lighting up a 'saber. You have controlled your fear, release your anger...

So, that's all. I'd show you others, but I don't really have copyright privileges. Savvy? But such is the life as a backup man...

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  • Sonia said...'> 11:44 AM

    ¿Cómo le va mi amigo? Espero que esté muy bien :)