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These days it's all about applying for internships. Photography ones. For newspapers. And saying I'm applying for internships has about as much significance as the magic beans had to ol' Jack's mom. (NADA MUCHO) BUT. Perhaps some moisture will fall just right. And a luscious, career-aiding beanstalk will erupt outside my window, leading straight to La-La Intern Land with golden eggs of greatdom. But that's all a bit fluffy.

The truth is that applying can be quite tedious and time consuming and expensive. So I'll just say one thing.
If there are any would-be employers reading this, I just want to say, c'mon. Let's skip the laborious stalk climbing. Just give me the gig. I'll take some pretty pictures. You'll sell some newspapers. The world will be informed. BAM! Everybody's happy. A win-win-win.
But sure, I'll give you some time to think it over. Sleep on it, even. But I don't have all day. I gotta chop this thing down before too long.

But anyway, here are some personally interesting shots I pulled from the archives for the P-folio. Lots of good memories to go along with these too. Sadly you probably can't relate in that respect. But perhaps you'll enjoy them anyway.

Real men shop at the market.

Malacca, Malaysia.

Pick your poison. (i totally forgot about this picture. a nice reminder)

Downtown Singapore somewheres.

Angels of music: Bird singing park.

Dim Sum. This isn't in the portfolio, but SNAP! it's just so glorious to gaze upon.

Malaysia heading toward Singapore. "Hail to the King."

Malay girl vending Rambutans.

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    You're hired! Okay, so I can't pay you, we aren't in the same country, and...I don't own a newspaper company - but - those are just minor details...praying for you my friend! Erin