Happy New Year!

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Chinese New Year, that is. A small throng gathered for cooking and delicious Asian edibles last night. The cooking oil was in quick supply and the succulent cook smoke hung thick in the apartment air. A glorious sight to intake and behold, no matter what continent you claim. It's hard for me to think what my life was like before quality ethnic foods.

Yeah, I feel sorry for my younger self. So naive. So unaware of the galaxy-wide world of culinary indulgences. Certainly it's a miracle that I've been given these opportunities. I don't take them lightly. Indeed, I attack with a large, heavy serving spoon.

Preparation. Dan and Dina crafting the bounty. I helped too, though I was strictly support staff. But that's okay. It allows more freedom to socialize and such.

Steamy veggies by The Master. Good looks AND remarkable cooking powers. Truly a double threat.

Egg plant and beef.

Finished product. Happy New Year, er'body.

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    that looks delicious.