Happy Birthday, Sis!

Well, big-sis No. 2 rolled over on year 27 of her life this Sunday. Woohoo. And Laura's always been a special gal. It seems she started out this way from the beginning. She was born INSIDE the placenta, just hanging out, soaking up the nutrients first-hand like a carefree, vagabond looter. The delivery doctor had never seen this before and was really nerdily excited about it (so i'm told — i was non-living at this juncture).

But in honesty I'll say I am rather pleased with an older sis of her caliber. We've seen a lot of things together as the bottom two familial rungs. And I hope we see a lot more (though perhaps in fewer younger-sib lackey/subordinate roles). Give the Fatman and Chubby Dinah a run for their lordish birth order empire! But that's another story.

Love you lots, Sis.

Happy Birthday!


Wish to build a dream on.


Good times garb. Cooking use optional. (reminds me of the Muppets' chef — "noo-nee-noo-nee-noo")

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